Fishing rods : Tests and user's reviews.

This site is devoted to fishing with the spinning rods and reels all over the world. This type of fishing is becoming more and more popular at the sea and freshwater basins. We welcome everyone who shares our passion with us. We hope that after visiting our site, you will get a lot of positive emotions, find like-minded people, learn something new and will share your own knowledge with us.

Fishing with the spinning rod with reel, casting is one of the most popular ways to fish among professionals and amateurs. Fishing for predators, with the help of different baits, is absolutely thrilling because of its excitement and adrenaline.

The idea is simple: rod, reel, line and hook. There are many different types of fishing with the spinning reel. Whether its fly fishing, jig, twitch or popular today jerk and ultra light. Fishing with the spinning rod is truly an amazing and exciting sport.

Fishermen select fishing rods with special care and usually acquire them from industry leaders like Daiwa, Shimano, G. Loomis, Lamiglas, Abu Garcia, Daiko, Berkley, Hardy, Norstream, Talon, Nissin, Tenryu & Valleye Hill. Then they carefully choose the right spinning reel for the perfect fit and weight balance from the companies like Shimano, Daiwa, Abu Garcia, Cormoran & Eco.

Discussions about the quality of the rods and spinning reels can go on forever. There are lots of questions that still need to be answered. Some theories are questionable at best and some have many different answers. Sometimes the opinions of the majority and the right answer aren't always the same thing.

Fishing with the spinning rod and reel gives good ground for research, individual selection of equipment to meet one's needs and for different types of fish. And we are willing to help you with this process.

Our site is made for everyone, for whom the spinning reel is the most important piece of equipment. Besides the necessary technical database (choice of tackle, repair and maintenance of your rods and reels), it contains in-depth information about catching techniques, gives recommendations on how, where, when, under what weather conditions, what kind of bait to use and what rod, spinning reel and line to use to catch your favorite fish.

Fishing is the Ultimate Vacation, the joy of which our children should experience.

Good Luck! And happy fishing!

Fishing Brands

 Daiwa   Fenwick  G. Loomis
 Graphiteleader   Lamiglas  Major Craft
 Megabass   Shimano  Smith
 St. Croix   Talon  Tenryu

Fishing rods series

Smith Dancing Bream
Dancing Bream

Rating: 5
Smith Bayliner SB
Bayliner SB

Rating: 5
Smith Bayliner BORON BRF
Bayliner BORON BRF

Rating: 0
Smith Troutin Spin MULTIYOUSE

Rating: 0
Smith Troutin Spin Magical Trout
Troutin Spin Magical Trout

Rating: 5