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Drop Shot

G. Loomis Drop Shot rods

Madhouse: Many of us have discovered dropshotting over the past few years. It is an extremely effective tactic for catching deepwater bass, especially those suspended just off the bottom. The technique itself can be a bit tricky to master. Keeping in co ...

Rating: 4.88


G. Loomis Swimbait rods

mtriton: I bought this rod about 6 month's ago, and i thought it would be heavy and bulky, but i was wrong for this to be a 7 ft 11 in rod it feel's great you don't get tired after using it for hour''s and it''s very sensitive. I love this rod and would ...

Rating: 4.86

Jig & Worm

G. Loomis Jig & Worm rods

SmallPondDave: I have purchased a few G-loomis rods in the past, each one getting more expensive in price. My last purchase was item number 38-153-276-00 for finesse jigging with 1/16 oz. jigs. The rods strong point is the sensitivity, even in a wind, you ...

Rating: 4.82

Classic Mag Bass

G. Loomis Classic Mag Bass rods

Calvin Taylor: I recived a G-Loomis 843c mbr imx as an early Christmas present on 11;25/15 And based on my experience so far with this rod the sensitivity, overall feel and casting performance is unbelievable it truly is something to behold!!!I can't comm ...

Rating: 4.8

Crankbait Deep Flex Series

G. Loomis Crankbait Deep Flex Series rods

ALfisherman: I have to say, I love my Powells, but I finally decided to try a G Loomis rod, and I'm impressed. This cranking rod is the lightest rod I've ever used, excluding the NRX. The 7-5 Heavy is perfect for launching deep divers out yards upon yards ...

Rating: 4.5

Classic Flipping Stick

G. Loomis Classic Flipping Stick rods


Rating: 0

Classic Casting

G. Loomis Classic Casting rods


Rating: 0

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