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Spinnerbait Series

G. Loomis Spinnerbait Series rods

ron barthelette: I bought the 813 model and I love it for all my spinnerbaits. I can throw 1/4 oz. Lil Mr. Money spinnerbaits out there no problem and it handles the big ones just as well. I really enjoy fishing with it all day and its so light too. Plent ...

Rating: 5

Classic Spin Jig

G. Loomis Classic Spin Jig rods

Steelie Pete: Great as a steelhead side drifting rod from the boat. ...

Rating: 5


G. Loomis ShakyHead rods

spot chaser: I tried out my dads new shakey head rod which the thought that it would be like just another spinning rod. I thought wrong. this rod equipped with a Shimano stradic reel spooled with 8 lb test seagar 100% fluorocarbon line with a Davis Bait C ...

Rating: 5

Jerkbait Series

G. Loomis Jerkbait Series rods

bronzefly: I fished the JBR 752c and JBR 813c at the same time I fished the same baits on the MBR 782 GLX and MBR 843 GLX. Perhaps it was that I have grown so used to the feel of the MBR rods having fished them for so long, but I got the sense that I coul ...

Rating: 5


G. Loomis Frog rods

BigYaker: I own the Loomis frog rod and love it. It has a lot of power but is fairly light which helps if you are throwing frogs all day! ...

Rating: 5

Top Water Series

G. Loomis Top Water Series rods

Alex: Awesome rod for throwing top water baits. Enough action to make good casts and get good hookset! ...

Rating: 5

Flipping Stick

G. Loomis Flipping Stick rods

bassman: Super light and sensitive Rod! Collapsable handle makes transport and storage easy. Extra leng is great for reaching out there. Excellent ballance and finish typical of GLoomis Rods. ...

Rating: 5


G. Loomis Senko rods

didascott: This the lightest and most sensitive worm rod I have ever used! I highly recommend! ...

Rating: 5


G. Loomis Carolina rods

skeeter: good feel ,pretty lite. a little lighter would be awesome ...

Rating: 5


G. Loomis Crankbait rods

Brad: I bought this rod back in January and have used it dozens of times since then. I paired it with a Johnny Morris reel (also excellent by the way) and have caught too many bass to count. I had talked to people at a hometown fishing store and they had ...

Rating: 4.9

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