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Tenryu BRIGADE GRACE TR concept

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Manufacturer: Tenryu
Series: OFFSHORE BOAT Eging Rods
Model: BRIGADE GRACE TR concept

Model exclusively for Tip-run Eging, derived from BRIGADE GRACE
Designed for expert anglers enjoying this kind of fishing technique, focusing on high-sensitivity and lightweight
Having action easy to jerk and made by special method as BRIGADE GRACE
Having stress-free guides, preventing line tangle and ensuring stress-free fishing even with ultra light class PE line

<Design of blank>
Made from graphite composite (extremely low resin content) to drastically improve sensitivity
Discontinuing painting and sanding the blank surface to reduce the rod weight, which also prevents lines from sticking on the rod
<Action ideal for “Tip-run Eging”>
Special model made from three different elastic modulus of graphite material
Tip section: lower-modulus graphite material (ensuring sensitive and accurate casting)
Rod’s middle section: middle-modulus graphite material (ensuring lively action of the squid lure)
Butt section: higher-modulus graphite material (withstanding power of giant squid)
Off-centered joint ferrule and semi-parabolic action, making anglers unnoticeable about the rod weight even after placing reel on it
<Thread’s color for improving visibility>
Optic orange threads used at three points of tip guides to ensure easy seeing of squid’s touching squid lure
<Special guides ensuring stress-free fishing>
Ensuring stress-free fishing even with ultra-light class PE line by having the following guides of ultra small diameter:
LG tip-top guide
LDB guide
K series guide

Tenryu BRIGADE GRACE TR concept models

Spin/Cast Model Length Pieces Lure Weight (oz.) Line Weight Action Power Type Rod Weight (oz.)







98 g







99 g

* All BRIGADE GRACE TR concept Rods specifications from the official Tenryu catalog. Tenryu reserves the right to make changes without obligation.


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