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Bank Robber Fly

St. Croix Bank Robber Fly rods

gjbugtosser: I bought the 6wt, and so far have only used it with a full sinking line, throwing large streamers and 2 streamer rigs while wading. It took me a bit to get used to the flex in the tip section, especially when casting large, articulated, weigh ...

Rating: 5

Rio Santo Fly

St. Croix Rio Santo Fly rods

jbsteelhead: Once again another great fly rod for steelhead. I purchased the 8 wt Rio Santos and works great. I landed my biggest steelhead of the year 22 lbs on it on a trip to bc. I caught 25 chromers that trip average 10 lbs. Go get em. ...

Rating: 5

High Stick Drifter Fly

St. Croix High Stick Drifter Fly rods

weedbed: Picked up the 10' 4wt HSD and I'm very impressed with the build quality on it! The cordura tube is not round but more of an oval and it doesn't roll! This subtle detail is a huge benefit! The rod blank itself is an attractive metallic flake gold ...

Rating: 5

Legend Elite Fly

St. Croix Legend Elite Fly rods

C.P. Coyne: The St. Croix Legend Elite fly rods are functionally exceptional and handcrafted to high standards. Compared to other fly rods by other companies, the St. Croix Legend Elite models are just easier for me to cast and they don't crumple during a ...

Rating: 4.92

Imperial Fly

St. Croix Imperial Fly rods

Thomas Wright: Even though I have a collection of far more expensive rods (including Winstons), I simply love this rod for its look and its performance. I'd call the action fast; but the tip action comes into play beautifully at a casting distance of 30 f ...

Rating: 4.4

Avid Fly

St. Croix Avid Fly rods


Rating: 0

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St. Croix Fly Fishing Rods

4wt and 8 wt imperial (4 and 2 piece)


9/24/2013 12:25:42 PM

These rods are great, moderatly priced, but delicate. When you get caught, please use the directions and point the rod straight at the fly, and pull the line to you. I've broken 3 rods of the imperial class so far. replacement sections go for 30 bucks a piece.
Reviewed by: lee (north carolina)