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Lamiglas Fly Fishing Rods are designed for all types of fly fishing techniques. The wide range of fly rod options give anglers the freedom to choose a rod that possesses the features they find most important.

Lamiglas Fly Rods - The models of fly rods include the G200 fly rods which are value oriented for the beginning fly fishing angler. The Infinity series of fly rods is focused on casting with models that reach up to 9'10" and afford experienced fly fishermen the ability to make long casts.

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G200 Graphite

Lamiglas G200 Graphite rods

Raffpap: Despite already owning several fly rods, my wife bought me the 9' 5-weight G200 as a Father's Day gift. It's my first Lamiglass but after having just broke it in, I can only wonder why I didn''t own one sooner! It''s lightweight and is a very smo ...

Rating: 5

Jim Teeny Signature

Lamiglas Jim Teeny Signature rods

fisherman: For fly rods, I believe anywhere from a 7-weight to a 9-weight would be a good choice. My personal preference is an 8-weight Jim Teeny Signature Rod made by Lamiglas, which Iíve been fishing with excellent results. They are all 9-foot/four-piec ...

Rating: 5


Lamiglas G1000 rods

Buzzfly: have been using a G1000 9'0" 4wt for more than 15yrs have had nothing but fun and creating memories with my son and daughter. Have caught everything from rainbows to steelhead and pan fish. I have other rods but I just enjoy the G1000 over the r ...

Rating: 4.5

Infinity SI

Lamiglas Infinity SI rods

Marcus: the 7'6" 4 weight is a great little stick, not quite as fast as the others. ...

Rating: 4

Appalachian Travel

Lamiglas Appalachian Travel rods


Rating: 0


Lamiglas XMG-50 rods


Rating: 0

Ti-2000 Titanium

Lamiglas Ti-2000 Titanium rods


Rating: 0

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Fishermen's opinions about Lamiglas Fly Rods

Lamiglas Fly Rods


6/18/2012 5:12:32 PM

I had one about 10 years ago that was my favorite steelhead fly rod. It was awesome!I sent it in for some warranty work,never received it back. That was the last rod I had built from that builder.I also had a couple spinning rods and have used some that Eric has built. A good feeling product IMO.
Reviewed by: Dean Marshall