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Compre Bass Travel Casting & Spinning

Shimano Compre Bass Travel Casting & Spinning rods

islandbass: I have a 6'6" 2-piece MH Compre that I use as my "trunk rod" and it is a great all arounder rod. You might want to see you can find it in your area. I think the little extra length and power might come in handy for them feisty salmonids up th ...

Rating: 5

Solara Spinning

Shimano Solara Spinning rods

Shimano's Solara series of rods are designed to be ideal tools for new anglers to learn the art. All the rods are built from fiberglass and feature cork handles.

DonV1962 : Have been fishing with this rod for several weeks now and very surprised by its quality. I have several clarus, st. croix, g-loomis rods and this rod I would rank close to them. It is one of those rare time where you get more than what you pai ...

Rating: 5

Sellus Spinning

Shimano Sellus Spinning rods

DanVerona: Just bought the 7'2" Worm and Jig Sellus. I used it the day I bought it and caught a couple nice ones on it. I love the feel of the rod, I put my Abu Garcia Cardinal 404i on it, I like that reel too I think their a good match. I didn't see any ...

Rating: 4.9

Cumara Spinning

Shimano Cumara Spinning rods

Big O Tires Angler: I personally have 2 Shimano Cumara rods and love them to death. Great amount of sensitivity, light weight, and great warranty...however...I need to catch some more fish with them. I can count the number of fish I've caught on my Cumara ...

Rating: 4.61

Sellus Casting

Shimano Sellus Casting rods

This series features rods crafted specifically for the hottest bass-fishing techniques.

Jason: Just bought the 6 10 spinnerbait model after using the 7 2 worm/jig for a while. Worked so well that I thought I'd give the other a whirl. These are not top end rods however they are great rods at their price! I'm a weekend angler and fish a few sm ...

Rating: 4.5


Shimano Stimula rods

Stever: Great rod for the doe.I looked at many rods and went through about 30 or more expensive rods before I chose the 1 piece Stimula to match up with a tekato.Wanted to stay on budget. ...

Rating: 4.43

Clarus Ultra Light Spinning

Shimano Clarus Ultra Light Spinning rods

MickyO: Shimano, in my opinion offers the best value in fishing. Their mid-priced rods and reels are leagues ahead of other company's rods and reels at the same price point. This Clarus rod is excellent. Light, well balanced, and sensitive. At this price ...

Rating: 4.22

Sojourn Spinning

Shimano Sojourn Spinning rods

Graphite composite rod blank. Lightweight aluminum oxide guides. Comfortable cork handles. Convenient hook keeper.

GT: Have used these rods for several years with no problems. Caught mostly speckled trout, redfish, and flounder. Balances perfectly with a Shimano Saros 3000 reel. Very light weight, perfect for all day casting. ...

Rating: 3.33

FX Casting

Shimano FX Casting rods

Reinforced Aluminum Oxide guides. Solid locking graphite reel seat. Comfortable EVA handles.


Rating: 0

Crucial Bass Casting Top Water

Shimano Crucial Bass Casting Top Water rods


Rating: 0

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