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Cumara Casting

Shimano Cumara Casting rods

Premium Bottom Contact Rods.

Big Bass Slayer: This has to be one of the most lightest and sensitive rods on the market today, not to mention it has the best Fuji guides they make. I especially like the trigger where you rest your fingers and it's just the rod and your fingers, no cor ...

Rating: 5

Cumara Reaction

Shimano Cumara Reaction rods

The Shimano Cumara Reaction series of rods was specifically designed for fishing moving baits in many different types of cover.

knucklehead: This rod is soooooo sensitive and if u r crankbait fisherman out their than get this rods the best rods in the world! ...

Rating: 5

Crucial Bass Casting Crankbait

Shimano Crucial Bass Casting Crankbait rods

Yellowsnow: I own 3 of the previous model Crucials and love them all. I was skeptical of Shimano's decision to change a winning formula by changing the blanks and the handles. All of these "fears" were put to rest once I received my new rod. It is simply ...

Rating: 5

Crucial Bass Spinning Worm

Shimano Crucial Bass Spinning Worm rods

pchbluejeans: Just got the 2pcs crucial 6'8" Medium and right away tested it on trouts. 4# test on a Shimano Stradic CI4 3000. The IM-10 tip is very sensitive and enough to detect trouts light bites. The extra fast taper making hook setting easy, but that ...

Rating: 5

Solara Casting

Shimano Solara Casting rods

Aeroglass construction for durability and touch. Names don't come any more respected on the water than Shimano, and here's your chance to net yours for super reasonable price! More: Reinforced aluminum oxide guides won't; Solid locking graphite reel seat; Comfy cork handles; Pick Model.

cdb926: I purchased this rod as a replacement for a broken baitcast rod and to my slight surprise it is actually a very high quality rod. The guides are great and the cork handle is very comfortable. The fast action tip works very well for detecting light ...

Rating: 5

Crucial Bass Casting Drop Shot

Shimano Crucial Bass Casting Drop Shot rods

Chopperbeagle: This is the lightest and most responsive casting rod I have ever owned! ...

Rating: 5

Crucial Bass Travel 2 Piece Spinning

Shimano Crucial Bass Travel 2 Piece Spinning rods

Li: The shimano crucial CRSX68M2A is the best of the in my over 10 Years of fishing experience. Easy for travel,fit multiple species,light weight for whole day fishing sensitive enough for jigging light weight lure,the handle stay 5 hours without any p ...

Rating: 5

Compre Bass Spinning Worm

Shimano Compre Bass Spinning Worm rods

hookingem: Compre are great rods I have a 6'8", and it's an excellent stick ...

Rating: 5

Clarus Casting Crankbait

Shimano Clarus Casting Crankbait rods

thetank: i just picked up the Shimano Clarus. i havent used it yet but it seems to be good quality. im looking foward to using it. ...

Rating: 5

Clarus Travel 2-Piece Casting

Shimano Clarus Travel 2-Piece Casting rods

Mikey: Very universal rod jigs,jerkbaits,spinnerbaits. Have caught several 40"+ northern pike on this rod while bass fishing the rod was very capable of handling big fish! If you NEED to buy a 2 piece then look no further ...

Rating: 5

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