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Team Daiwa T

Daiwa Team Daiwa T rods

Eric: I've had this 661mxb paired up with my Daiwa t3 for a couple of seasons now. Its very sensitive but its got lots of back bone for fighting the fish. I have nothing bad to say about it, its my favorite rod. Only nitpicker I can think of is that it ...

Rating: 4.67

Wilderness Trolling

Daiwa Wilderness Trolling rods

Duane: I bought this rod to use trolling for walleye. So far it has been a decent rod, good sensitivity, good backbone. ...

Rating: 4.64

Spinmatic-C Ultralight - Spinning

Daiwa Spinmatic-C Ultralight - Spinning rods

Matthew Jackson: I was scared Daiwa Spinmatic Rods will be poor, because for its price $44.99 . But when it arrived, i was shocked! It has very good quality and i definitely recommend you buying this ...

Rating: 4.5

Steez SVF Compile-X

Daiwa Steez SVF Compile-X rods

Joe: 7'1'' Steez is made in Japan, perfect for flipping & pitching, tip are extremely sensitive, "must have" rod. ...

Rating: 4.5

Daiwa J

Daiwa Daiwa J rods

Ron: I got this rod because it was $10 at the local tackle shop. I needed a 2-piece rod so it'd be easy to transport in a small car. I've caught several bass in the 3-4 lb range and recently landed a 29 inch, 11 lb channel catfish on my 7 foot Daiwa J se ...

Rating: 4.5

Ballistic Bass

Daiwa Ballistic Bass rods

Matt: I own 6 Ballistics..2 of the big cranking rods and 4 of the bottom bouncing varieties. I love the worming and jigging rods..the 6'9 and 7'1 rods are well worth the money. 1st trip out pitching to the edge of pads I had a over run and was in the mid ...

Rating: 4.5

Spinmatic-C Ultralight - Pack

Daiwa Spinmatic-C Ultralight - Pack rods

john samuels: This rod will provide top notch, sensitive action! I have fished with it for perch (especially Jumbo), pickerel, and even river rainbow! It telegraphs the lightest hit and plays your fish perfectly! Highly recommended, it is one of the best ...

Rating: 4.5

Heartland-HLD Salmon/Steelhead-Casting

Daiwa Heartland-HLD Salmon/Steelhead-Casting rods

Capt. Eric: The Diawa Heartland SS791XHRB is my choice for deep jigging King Salmon in the tidal rips of Kodiak Island Alaska. As a charter captian for the last 22 years here I've used up a lot of rods in the course of a season - Not this one. Match it up ...

Rating: 4.5


Daiwa Aird rods

ernie: Put a Shimano Caenan on it and could not be happier. Using 15lb power pro and it just casts a mile even with the lightest baits. Did not break the bank either. ...

Rating: 4.4

Steez SVF Graphite

Daiwa Steez SVF Graphite rods

Tim Moore: I ordered Daiwa Steez Trigger Rod - STZ701MHFBA - Rods and looks better than on images. ...

Rating: 4.24

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Daiwa Freshwater Rods


9/1/2014 2:09:00 AM

I am using using Daiwa strikeforce 1000 reel for spinning and I caught a nice trout just today
Reviewed by: Kim (nz southland)