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AccuLite Specialty

Daiwa AccuLite Specialty rods

FishBig: I use this rod for salmon and steelhead in fall run, rod is great bobber use with it is the best! Land many big ones no problem. Any one who fish for salmon and trouts should try this rod! ...

Rating: 4.2

AccuDepth Specialty Trolling

Daiwa AccuDepth Specialty Trolling rods

Moraine Fisherman: Great trolling rod. I troll for muskies and the tip is sensitive enough to watch the lure's action yet the rod is stout enough for bone jaring hooksets. Don't let its low price fool you. This is a quality made rod at a great value. Team ...

Rating: 4

Heartland-HLD Trout and Panfish

Daiwa Heartland-HLD Trout and Panfish rods

troutslayer: Really nice medium price range rod. I primarily catch 2-4 pound rainbows and this rod for me is paired with my Shimano Sedona 2500 series reel and Trilene #6 smooth casting line. ...

Rating: 4


Daiwa Strikeforce rods

Mark : I have been fishing this rod for over 7 years and Typically fish for Bass the largest being 7 lb no issues at all the Guides are all intact and for a conservative estimate I probably casted this well over 7000 times and landed a lot of giants, usua ...

Rating: 3.81


Daiwa Procyon rods

fisher: I bought 3: heavy, medium heavy and medium all 7 foot. Even though I have more expensive and (better ?) rods, I am using these as my primary rods with Curado 200D's on them and loving it ...

Rating: 3.75


Daiwa Sweepfire rods

Kat Fish: good for big pike ...

Rating: 3

Crossfire Multi-Purpose

Daiwa Crossfire Multi-Purpose rods

Dave: I've had two 702MFS poles break while reeling in small fish. Both broke near the tip. There was no mark or other sign that the pole had suffered any trauma at the break. ...

Rating: 1

Team Daiwa Light & Tough Bass

Daiwa Team Daiwa Light & Tough Bass rods


Rating: 0


Daiwa Exceler rods


Rating: 0

Heartland-HLD Ultralight Pack

Daiwa Heartland-HLD Ultralight Pack rods


Rating: 0

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Daiwa Freshwater Rods


9/1/2014 2:09:00 AM

I am using using Daiwa strikeforce 1000 reel for spinning and I caught a nice trout just today
Reviewed by: Kim (nz southland)