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Heartland-HLD Specialty Muskie

Daiwa Heartland-HLD Specialty Muskie rods


Rating: 0

Heartland-HLD Walleye

Daiwa Heartland-HLD Walleye rods


Rating: 0

Spinmatic-C Ultralight - Kokanee Trolling

Daiwa Spinmatic-C Ultralight - Kokanee Trolling rods

Stephen Phillips: I did like the way the Spinmatic 7'cast lightweight lures and handled fish, but it had many flaws. I could not keep the parts together. They either came apart or twisted out of place constantly. The reel nut would also continually com ...

Rating: 0

Wilderness Salmon & Steelhead Specialty

Daiwa Wilderness Salmon & Steelhead Specialty rods


Rating: 0


Daiwa Triforce-E rods


Rating: 0

Heartland-HLD Salmon/Steelhead Noodle

Daiwa Heartland-HLD Salmon/Steelhead Noodle rods


Rating: 0

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Daiwa Freshwater Rods


9/1/2014 2:09:00 AM

I am using using Daiwa strikeforce 1000 reel for spinning and I caught a nice trout just today
Reviewed by: Kim (nz southland)