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Steez SVF-XBD Braided Line

Daiwa Steez SVF-XBD Braided Line rods

bronzefly: I do actually own one. There is no way on earth I'd even consider throwing a 3.5 oz swimbait on this rod. Yes, it is stout and a great multi purpose heavier powered stick, but even the 1.9 oz floating 3:16 freestyle shad is way too heavy for th ...

Rating: 5

Team Daiwa -S Freshwater

Daiwa Team Daiwa -S Freshwater rods

Wayne Coetsee: Great rods. I have two and am about to buy a third buy for the money. ...

Rating: 5

Steez Fle-X-Lite Bass

Daiwa Steez Fle-X-Lite Bass rods

Steven: Steez FleXLite Cast Rod 7' Medium is just an amazing rod as one would expect from Daiwa. When paired up with a Steez reel (I use the 100SHA) it is amazing and will cast a mile! You can feel every bump and tick at the line when using Sunline FC Sni ...

Rating: 5

Steez SPX MegaTop

Daiwa Steez SPX MegaTop rods

OnlyOneCanoli: I already have a daiwa steez spx megatop spinning rod and I love it for dropshotting. ...

Rating: 5

Heartland-HLD Salmon/Steelhead Spinning

Daiwa Heartland-HLD Salmon/Steelhead Spinning rods

grant-fisher: Great rod that didn't work out tremendous for big 9 inch swimbaits(ms slammers, huddlestons, etc.), but works excellent for the 7 inch slammers, fish traps, and AN EXCELLENT FROGGING ROD surprisingly. Walk the dog with the soft tip but still ...

Rating: 5

Team Daiwa -X Drop Shot/Finesse

Daiwa Team Daiwa -X Drop Shot/Finesse rods

Mike Folkestad, three-time W.O.N. Bass U.S. Open champion: Check out these TD-X drop shot rods. See if you don’t think they’re the finest you’ve ever tried ...

Rating: 5

Team Daiwa Zillion

Daiwa Team Daiwa Zillion rods

Ish Monroe : The New eight footer is the best swimbait rod ever ...

Rating: 5

Team Daiwa Fuego Spinning

Daiwa Team Daiwa Fuego Spinning rods

catfisher: This rod is one of the favorites of so many catfishing professionals and novices alike. Packed with features and benefits some of which had previously been unseen in the angling world, the Team Daiwa Fuego TDFG661MXSis a must for any catting ma ...

Rating: 5


Daiwa Megaforce rods

Fishing with val: This rod is the best for bass , carp and trout due to its weight and its good performmance in both salt and fresh water i recommend it very much for beginners and expirienced ...

Rating: 4.75

Heartland-HLD Trolling

Daiwa Heartland-HLD Trolling rods

John R: This is a great rod for wire dipsy use.With a twili tip it gives years of great service.It's got enough backbone to handle big divers,and big fish,yet not so stiff as to kill the fight of smaller ones. For the money these Heartlands can''t be ...

Rating: 4.72

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Daiwa Freshwater Rods


9/1/2014 2:09:00 AM

I am using using Daiwa strikeforce 1000 reel for spinning and I caught a nice trout just today
Reviewed by: Kim (nz southland)