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 Veloce rods

winganger: I own a GLVC-632ML. The performance of it is good,light weight and sensitive even it is a 2-pc rod. And the price is very very reasonable. ...

Rating: 5


 Vigore rods

The G factor: I dont have a favourite soft plastics spinning rod, but if im going to go all rounder, Ill say the graphite leader vigore GVIS 722L. It has some balls to it but is very light and very sensitive, have thoroughly enjoyed using that rod. ...

Rating: 5

Finezza NUOVO

 Finezza NUOVO rods

Dean Pilgrim: I was lucky enough to be the first person to own one of these rods and I am blown away by it. It fishes great in both lengths and I can't fault it. Not had anything over 2 lb yet but it feels like it will handle it no problems. The finish ...

Rating: 5


 Tiro rods

miamoretti: I have both models GOTS-762L n GOTS-792ML. Extremely good rod for lures, spoons n micro jigs. Super nice, super light, super sensitive n super strong. ...

Rating: 5

Calzante EX

 Calzante EX rods

Chris: I have had this delightful little rod a while now, and I have caught a great many Lrf species on it, including Pollock, Wrasse, Garfish, Scad, Gobies and Smelt, and I can say it is an absolute joy to use. Very slim, extremely light in weight for it ...

Rating: 5


 Argento PROTOTYPE rods

Akif NAZLI: After Daiwa Morethan and Major craft X-ride I tried Shimano Exsence. But non of them could be better than this one. Perfect balance ,flawless casting and impeccant action. I loved it. Yes, it can cast a 6gr soft lure to an acceptable distan ...

Rating: 5


 Bosco rods

Raul: I have 2 Graphiteleader Boscos, both 2 piece, rods are made in China and like in anything, made in X ( place the name of the country you like ) means only that, it?s not synonimous with quality or the lack of it, junk is made everywhere and the same ...

Rating: 4


 Bosco NUOVO rods


Rating: 0

Oceano Barlette

 Oceano Barlette rods


Rating: 0


 Rivolta rods


Rating: 0

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argento nuovo


3/1/2014 3:28:23 AM

We pay more here on the queens surf, funny enough I know Dean pilgrim,
I love the blank on the nuovo it's very good
Reviewed by: mat (Plymouth uk)



11/20/2012 2:45:52 PM

I like Graphiteleader rods. They are built brilliantly
Reviewed by: cowancreekdave (Sydney)



11/6/2012 6:54:30 PM

Olympic / GraphiteLeader is one of the fewer companies that still have some of their rods made in Japan. The quality of the rods are quite respectable, afterall Olympic manufactures shafts for Golf Clubs. I had several Olympic's rods, including Blanco, Calamaretti Nuovo, Calamaretti Rosso. Eging with them had been quite enjoyable. I did have 1 or 2 broken as well.
Reviewed by: BlackWater



10/27/2012 1:22:48 AM

Olympic makes excellent rods. Aesthetics may not be that impressive for a JDM rod, but the quality of the blanks are just superb.
Reviewed by: Fishingboy



10/27/2012 1:21:12 AM

Ive owned a graphite leader rod and played with a few models and they are all as good as eachother.
Reviewed by: The G factor (Melbourne)