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Saltiga Ballistic Interline Surf

Daiwa Saltiga Ballistic Interline Surf rods

baitrunner: Cast 150m out easily with a 30lb powerpro braided line with otg casting technique.I'm not going to buy anymore conventional fishing rod anymore. Daiwa ballistics really lived up to its name. I'm looking forward to any new interline fishing rod ...

Rating: 5

Saltiga Interline Surf

Daiwa Saltiga Interline Surf rods

drawshot: I have a 10 footer that I picked second hand. I use braid and you cannot thread it in the field without a long flexible wire that comes with the rod. When I take it with me I just make sure that I have the wire rolled up in my bag. It throws ...

Rating: 5

Team Daiwa Interline Surf

Daiwa Team Daiwa Interline Surf rods

Fish Hunter: Braid friendly as far as I know. Tip replacement is a good question. Great sensitivity, but setup is a pain. Also, weed is a major problem for clogging, otherwise wonderful rod. You can use the same rod for conventional or spinner with no los ...

Rating: 4.5

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Daiwa Interline Rods

Owner : Sea Escapes Studio


7/16/2016 6:46:46 PM

I have 5 Interline rods that I use for halbut fishing. Have had them for several years and the rod tips are badly worn and are beginning to "fray" the line. Is it possible to purchase new tips for the rods??? Have a lot of money tied up in the rods and I am not looking forward to having to replace them.
Reviewed by: David W Christy (Homer, Alaska)

Daiwa Interline Rods

factory employee


9/7/2013 7:52:33 PM

i have 3 daiwa interline i love it. i'm looking for 13.3ft of saltiga surf interline sab 35-405i.if anybody want sell.
Reviewed by: chik khea (10 ausdale rd cranston ri 02910)