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I collected a vast number of information before I do this type of review series so that my readers can get the accurate data regarding the products they’re looking for. I gather information about the design and of course the technical related before I further checking for other stuff in details.

As I type down “XMG-50” into the search box and click the search button, I can find so many links related to this model. But not all can give you the information you are looking for. Therefore, I am here to help you. I won’t be using any technical jargons related to the action, weight to the taper design. And also I won’t be talking about the scrim, resin, or mandrels. If you are interested to that kind of information, you can freely visit the official website anytime to get the related information.

If you want to know about how this machine works and what technique you can use it to fish, you can read this review further on. I will dig about this matter here. So, let’s move on to that.

Lamiglas XMG-50 EXC92MLamiglas XMG-50 EXC92M can be deadly to salmon and steelhead when it is paired with a BC Steel. The XMG-50 series is made by Lamiglas for the free-flowing river steelhead angler. It is a high octane line up of method-specific rods.

The heaviest rod in the series ringing at only a 10-20# rating. People will usually evaluate this information as an advantage against the series in giving the overall rating to the fishing rod. The fishing rod is designed as such to be used primarily for finesse steelhead or light salmon bank fishing. But I think it is more towards the steelhead.

XMG series appear to be sleek and its design is modern and can be considered as cool. This is the main attraction people buying this series and also to the graphite handle and the sanded uncoated blank.

Most anglers will mistakenly confuse with the taper and action. The two things are differ from each other. Taper is trendy and cyclical at time meanwhile action is applied to the certain method of fishing. These are the definitions a newcomer has to understand as it is one of the basic of fishing.

XMG series was introduced by Lamiglas few years ago, which is towards the end of the Magnum Taper Phase of rod development and subsequent heavy and frequent use among avid anglers in the Pacific Northwest. When manufacturers moving in this direction, I was in my early twenties selling tackle. That was 15 years ago.

As this trend begins, manufacturers had introduced magnum tapers to fishing rods. AS many of you might not know what is magnum taper, I will explain about it so that we can be on the same boat as the discussion goes on. You can differentiate fishing rods with magnum taper from others by the way the rod moves when you shake it. So now you must be wondering, how am I going to know that? Read on further as I will explain more later in this review.

You have to make the fishing rod jerking by firmly hold the rod by the reel seat and the rod butt against your forearm. You will be able to see the rod flexes before it return to its original position. During the movement, I will focus my eyes and study the motion to check the fishing rod out. You have to examine whether the rod bend down to the blank a quarter, third, or half of the way.

You will know about the action of the fishing rod by knowing the answer of the previous question. But it is not necessarily the answer regarding the taper of the fishing rod. An extremely fast action fishing rod is what I will describe the Lamiglas XMG-50 series. It is the fastest model that allows it in blank length. The rod is considered the fastest I ever fish with during my entire fishing experiences.

In some point, many anglers will easily fall in love with a fast magnum taper fishing rod because of the things and experiences you can get from them. But believe me, that is not necessarily true by judging it with your method of angle. If you read a lot of beginners’ guides, you can find many tips and backbones given by many professional fishermen out there. Their description towards their favorite rods would be the same, about magnum taper and its’ fast action.

Lamiglas XMG models is available in 8’9” length 2 pieces salmon Series, 9’2” salmon/steelhead drift/spoon models and float rod model from 9’6” to 10 feet available for both casting and spinning. The early version has 10’6” spinning float fishing rod but the production was discontinued about a year ago.

The retail price of this model is $280. It was never on sales as other high end products from other manufacturers. The model is designed by several professional river anglers who are very dedicated and have many priceless experiences throughout their career. That is the most valuable point you should take note.

So let us discuss more about this model. I will evaluate this model in some detail. You have to take note that I used this model to fish without any rewards from Lamiglas. So this is my honest review about this model.


In this review, the product will end up with a point which can be positive or negative based on the numbers of +’s versus –‘s each of them get. There will be minimum of tyree and maximum of five points of interest. Hence the rating each product get, positive or negative is relative to the number of parameter and can never be more than five points. So, let’s get this going!

+1 – The model was 100% manufactured in Woodland, WA. Lamiglas given full lifetime warranty and this should be a plus point for you as it will give you satisfaction with your investment in a long long time

+1 – It is design with versatility which has the specifications that every anglers dream of from their fishing rods. It is perfect line up rod for our Wild rivers and streams

+1 – It is very exciting to catch the fish as the action is extra fast compared to other models. I love the distance and accuracy I’ve accomplish with this model compared to others. It is even greater when you can pair the model with properly selected casting reel

+1 – It is phenomenal when you talk about the sensitivity of the graphite of the fishing rod. It has honestly given me quite the edge in many scenarios when I need to feel the bottom of the river with almost no lead in tow. . When paired with a braided or a fused line it's a senses overload which is one of the reasons why I recommend using only mono with these rods

+1 – I admit that I am a huge fan of the graphite or carbon fiber handle as it cleans up from egg goop wonderfully and looks damn cool; dark gray against dark gray.


-1/2 – AS it is extremely sensitive, it also means is has a very low durability factor. You have to be aware that this type of fishing rods holds up very poorly which means if you are trying to hiking through brush or setting your rod down in the boat, the rod can ended up broken.

Just for some addition, this fishing rod does not pair well with braid. The intense lack of stretch of the fishing fused or super braided line cannot be supported by the brittle graphite. I have shattered these rods using braid on fish while slamming down a good drag system to turn them.

Lamiglas XMG-50 EXC92MYou might be wondering why I just deducted half a points regarding the durability. It is because of the lifetime warranty Lamiglas give if you buy this model. If your fishing rod broken, you can always negotiate with Lamiglas and use their lifetime warranty to cater with this problem.
-1 – More models are needed in this series between the EXC92M 9’2” 8-15# and the EXC10M or the 10’ 8-15#. This rod should be nine six or nine eight and hold a slightly higher line rating.

They almost have done it right with the EXC89MT but not that perfectly. The fishing rod is needed for hardware anglers (spoon and heavy spinner).

TOTAL: 3.5 out of 5 points

Thank you very much for your interest in reading my Lamiglas XMG review. Do come back often for more reviews of other fishing rods models.

Author: Chris Heller


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