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Muskie / Walleye / Freshwater Rods

Benefits of Muskie / Walleye / Freshwater Rods models.

Lamiglas Freshwater Rods including models for Bass, Trout and Kokanee, Musky and Walleye. Lamiglas Bass Rods - The models of bass fishing rods include certified pro graphite and fiberglass rods, competitor series rods, G100 spinning rods and the excel series of rods. The range of models offered by Lamiglas allows anglers to choose a rod that meets their specific needs based upon the techniques they use. Lamiglas' offerings include rods that can be used for the lightest finesse techniques to the heaviest swimbait applications and everything in between.

Lamiglas Walleye Rods - The models of walleye fishing rods are designed to match anglers needs when trolling, casting or jigging for big walleye. Lamiglas Musky Rods - The models of musky rods are noticeably lightweight and strong. Lamiglas' models of musky rods are designed for using big lures and muscling up to fight the iant trophy musky once they strike.

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Lamiglas Muskie rods

big basstard: I love my 70xh. use it at Montauk for stripers. no problem using 10oz sinkers while live lining porgies. my bro uses a loomis muskie rod, so it gets competitive. being that loomis doesn't make his blank anymore, he'll buy a lami hen his i ...

Rating: 5

G1000 Graphite Spinning

Lamiglas G1000 Graphite Spinning rods

Halfthrive: The G 1000 line of rods from Lamiglas are the all around workhorse rods that I carry. I have higher quality rods that I use for more specific methods but my G 1000's are what I use for the bulk of my fishing. There the best mid-range fishing r ...

Rating: 4.67

Ultra Light Casting / Trolling / Spinning

Lamiglas Ultra Light Casting / Trolling / Spinning rods


Rating: 0

G200 Graphite Freshwater

Lamiglas G200 Graphite Freshwater rods


Rating: 0

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