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G. Loomis FLY PRO4x

Pro 4X Fly rod


6/20/2017 12:47:31 PM

I have owned at least one or more of every model of G. Loomis fly rods since Gary Loomis created his first company all the way to when he sold to Shimano... That's a lot of years and a lot of rods.
While my favorite rods are still the old IMX models, and NRX are very light and cast great, the Pro 4X 6 wt. I have is a real workhorse. It's not so expensive that I'm afraid to use it in rough conditions (as I am at times with the NRX and even my IMX's), yet it is very balanced with GL3 bottom sections and the NRX tip section.
The only criticism I might have is that a large arbor reel gives the best balance, but I disagree it is tip-heavy. The light NRX tip is great for soft nymph takes and casting a 6 wt. forward line is no problem at all on our big Montana rivers. For sure the price is right.
Reviewed by: Jim Crawford (Flathead Lake, Montana)

G. Loomis FLY PRO4x

Pro 4X 6wt


6/13/2016 12:04:47 AM

Great casting rod that is very tip heavy. Does not balance at all with standard 6wt reel (Lamson Guru II). Needs a longer grip to compensate.
Reviewed by: Scott (WNY)