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In this review, the Rod will end up with a point which can be positive or negative based on the numbers of +’s versus –‘s each of them get. There will be minimum of three and maximum of five points of interest. Hence the rating each product get, positive or negative is relative to the number of parameters and can never be more than five points. So, let’s get this going!

Salmon-Steelhead Rods G200 SeriesThe Lamiglas Corp have many products sold under roof. You can find them on any local tackle shops nearby your place.

This review is made for and dedicated to all anglers out there, be it as full time or maybe as a hobby. The budget will fall under the medium budget users. I will review three of the featured series which priced at around $100 each. Making them a step up from the SST or AIR IM8 graphite series from Berkley and Okuma, respectively.

Lamiglas had produced three fishing rods series under the below $100 category. They had made a very good foundation and are ready to combat the import markets with their close competitors. In this very first review, I will review a series of steelhead rods which had reached a good number of sales over one and a half year ago.

The G200 or MBS series:
It comes in standard steelhead specifications which possess a midnight blue in color. The fishing rods are putting forward both the spinning and castings models. The price is usually reduced from $100 to around $75 only. But the official retail price is around $134. 

I picked this model as the best fishing rod in this series which is the spinning version of it that has more cunning and longer models: MBS96ML (9’6”) and the MBS106ML (Length 10’6”). These 2 models are classified under 6 to 10 lb line. But, the speed is generally very slow with these rods. They also seem to be having no taper to the bend for each of the models giving them a limited a limited satisfaction especially to a professional angler.

+1 – The price is very affordable for the brand name regardless where it is made
+1 – The models offer both 9’6” and 10’6” length which allows both float and hardware angler a savvy options when it comes to salmon/steelhead
+1 – They are affordable by anyone who are looking to add some fishing gears since they are often put into sales by the local retailers

-1 – For the casting models, they only offering the 8’6” length with 3 dull models which includes the 8-12#, 10-20#, and 12-25#
-1/2 – I assume that this model is produced in small amounts and the distributions is not that broad in the local market. Therefore not many fishermen have this model in their hands.
-1/2 – The slow speed will be easily noticed by most of the professional anglers easily but for a beginner, it will work just fine for them.


Salmon-Steelhead Rods G200

Lamiglas G200 in middle of picture

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Author: Chris Heller


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