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Classic Salmon

G. Loomis Classic Salmon rods

jim: The SAR1265C GL2 is one of the best rods I have ever used. Great for salmon trolling with dropper weights. You don't miss fish with this rod. Get is on ebay for $270. ...

Rating: 5

Classic Hot Shot

G. Loomis Classic Hot Shot rods

Vince Strahmann: The HSR1025c is the finest Kenai river King Salmon rod available. It does it all,small and large plugs, back trolling bait,drifting and back bouncing. Great Rods! ...

Rating: 5

Steelhead Series

G. Loomis Steelhead Series rods

JeremyT: The STR1161S is a fabulous rod for steelhead. The UL rod lets you play the fish and reacts to the head shakes for you without fear of throwing the hook or breaking light line. ...

Rating: 5

Salmon & Steelhead BC

G. Loomis Salmon & Steelhead BC rods

Salty Chuck: SAR 1265 BC - This is the single best rod I have ever salmon fished with, I was concerned about it being heavy, but don't let that fool you. It is heavy enough to work the big Chinook out of the kelp, yet still sensitive and fun with Coho... ...

Rating: 5

Classic Steelhead

G. Loomis Classic Steelhead rods

kaitlyn: own three rods by GLoomis...GL3 levelwind, GL2 centrepin, and GL2 1084 spinning rod. Incredible action, never miss a hookset, the only answer for fishing for steel! ...

Rating: 4.93

Salmon Series

G. Loomis Salmon Series rods

Michael Angelo: This is the best fishing pole i have ever owned,it's unbelievable how light this pole is yet it is strong and does not make that cracking noise when the pole is being stressed.My son tried this rod and bought one the same day he was hooked ...

Rating: 4.67

Center Pin

G. Loomis Center Pin rods

canadian waters: ive owned a 13ft glx 3 and the rod did nothing but wonders for me infact so much that im buying thee 11'3 and the 15ft rods DEFFINATLY a great rod ...

Rating: 4.57


G. Loomis Float rods

XLSteel: I am an avid Great Lakes steelhead fisherman. I've been fishing for steelhead for almost 20 years. One thing I learned quickly is that you don't have much of a chance against these fish with inferior equipment. Luckily I was introduced to G.Loomi ...

Rating: 4.5

Classic Backbounce

G. Loomis Classic Backbounce rods

atothep: Sure, the GL2 rods are "heavy" compared to GL3 or IMX but they perform better than most rods and come with the Loomis warantee. I've purchased to of the BBR series but use them for jigging. The 7.5' model is particularly well-suited for tossing o ...

Rating: 4

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