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Certified Pro

Lamiglas Certified Pro rods

The Lamiglas Certified Pro is one of the rods in the Salmon and Steelhead Rods series. Itís a premium rod in a class of its own that commands a premium price too. However performance takes precedence over price and they are priced about $100 less than their closest competition in the same class. This purchase should be viewed as an investment over the long run considering how much you are going to use it and a rod to rely on when you are out there fighting your salmon. Viewed as the best rod for fishing salmon today and itís the dream of every salmon fisherman to own one. However, you can also use it for fishing other type of fishes and have receive raving feedback regardless of the type of fish itís used for.

Umpqua Life: At first I thought this was just a g series with a dip of merlot color. I have a g1000 series kenai special that is one of my favorite workhorses. But the certified pro really is a touch more sensitive with the strength to fish what we call t ...

Rating: 5

Classic Glass Series

Lamiglas Classic Glass Series rods

Just Fish: For a glass rod I like the lami classic glass they are a good herring or plug /spinner trolling rod.I think the Buzz IM8 rod is the best rod for the money made. It will fish as a bait or trolling rod my buddy hammered the springers on one this ...

Rating: 5

Rogue River Special

Lamiglas Rogue River Special rods

thepsychofisherman: If you know what the sensation feels like when the fish decides take your line, when the battle between you and the fish is in its heat. Then you know you would never want to let lousy gear ruin your chance of the excitement. The Lamig ...

Rating: 5


Lamiglas Si rods

FishForChrome: So I got to thinking lets see what your favorite photos of fish with your new Lamiglas Si look like! I will start, this fish was not huge but it is what I envision when its October and I am dreaming about my first winter steelhead tug ...

Rating: 5

XMG 50

Lamiglas XMG 50 rods

Rossiman: I own multiple EXC 96 M-C with the cork handles. This rod has a very sensitive tip, but it has the backbone to spare. It is specifically suited more towards throwing hardware spinners/spoons however it doubles as a great float rod, drift fishi ...

Rating: 4.88

G1000 Series

Lamiglas G1000 Series rods

bones: spinner fishing, drift fishing, float fishing ...

Rating: 4.73

G200 Series

Lamiglas G200 Series rods

Paul: Great rod for drifting beads and eggs. You can feel everything. Hard To Transport. I would recommend this to a friend. ...

Rating: 4

Classic Glass USA

Lamiglas Classic Glass USA rods


Rating: 0

Norwest Special

Lamiglas Norwest Special rods


Rating: 0

Certified Pro Kwik Series

Lamiglas Certified Pro Kwik Series rods


Rating: 0

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