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Saltwater Rods

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Lamiglas Saltwater Rods including models for all species of saltwater fish and the techniques used to target those species. Lamiglas Saltwater Rods include deep sea rods, inshore rods and surf fishing rods.

Lamiglas Deep Sea Rods - The models of deep sea rods include popping and jigging rods, big fish series of rods geared toward Halibut, Tuna, Shark, Striper and Wreck species of fish, the graphite series of deep sea rods are designed for versatility handling species of fish from Stripers to Tuna to Tarpon.

Lamiglas Inshore Rods - The models of inshore rods include graphite series, classic series, popping rods and the excel inshore rods. These rods are designed for the saltwater flats and brackish water where anglers typically target Redfish, Sea Trout, Cobia and Flounder.

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Tri-Flex Graphite Saltwater

Lamiglas Tri-Flex Graphite Saltwater rods

chardy: great rod ...

Rating: 5

Big Fish

Lamiglas Big Fish rods

fisher: I have the "Big Fish Series" rods - 20-50 7' (BFC 70H) for trolling and they work well. ...

Rating: 5

Excel Inshore

Lamiglas Excel Inshore rods

For your consideration, the Lamiglas Excel Inshore. US built, sensitive and light, casting and spinning.

fisher: I've been very very happy with my Lamiglas Excel rods ...

Rating: 5

Certified Pro Poppin'

Lamiglas Certified Pro Poppin' rods


Rating: 0

Graphite Inshore Classic Series

Lamiglas Graphite Inshore Classic Series rods


Rating: 0

Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore

Lamiglas Tri-Flex Graphite Inshore rods


Rating: 0

Tropic Pro Jigging & Popping

Lamiglas Tropic Pro Jigging & Popping rods


Rating: 0

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