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Terez Waxwing

Shimano Terez Waxwing rods

rich: I have 4 terez waxwing poles ,I like these poles you cant go wrong for the price. ...

Rating: 5


Shimano Talavera rods

Sprigman: This rod "ROCKS"! From 135lb Halibut in Alaska to 160lb Mako's off of southern California, to 230lb Marlin in Hawaii, this rod handled it all!! Not only did it give incredible flex, but it has the ablility to bring these fish to the boat with co ...

Rating: 5

Tallus Blue Water Wireline Conventional

Shimano Tallus Blue Water Wireline Conventional rods

Vito DiBuono: Outstanding rod for the price. Lots of muscle. Great for small tuna, deep drop cod / tilefish. Will easily land any fish up to 120 lbs!! ...

Rating: 5

Tallus Stand Up

Shimano Tallus Stand Up rods

Ian Dhue: I purchased 2 of these rods and I use Penn 50VSX reels with 100lb power pro line on them. Ive encounted some large sharks on these rods and they have never failed me , these rods are well balanced and light weight considering the amount of press ...

Rating: 5

Tallus Blue Water Spinning

Shimano Tallus Blue Water Spinning rods

Paul: I have had one of these rods for several years now. I have the 7' MH and is one of my favorite rods. I mainly catfish and this rod is a great rod for that. Great muscle to haul in bigger cats. It is a little stiff in the upper part, which hampers ju ...

Rating: 5


Shimano Saguaro rods

mr: ugly stiks were genuine back in time before they got its so called 30% more grafite. Saguaro on the other hand it is a truly Tglass composite. very nice and elegant tapered rod with fairly quality guides. ...

Rating: 4.8


Shimano Terez rods

tommy: I have a full collection of Terez and Waxwings All sizes and they all do their work on all sizes of fish. None have broken and continue to catch trout, reds, tuna, shark etc. ...

Rating: 4.67

Tallus Bluewater West Coast Conventional

Shimano Tallus Bluewater West Coast Conventional rods


Rating: 0

Terez Rail

Shimano Terez Rail rods


Rating: 0

Tallus IGFA

Shimano Tallus IGFA rods


Rating: 0

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