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Saltiga Boat Dendoh Style Deep Drop

Daiwa Saltiga Boat Dendoh Style Deep Drop rods

DeepDrop: Excellent rods. Using them with deep drop reels for big cod in the Northeast and for snowy grouper in the Keys. They are flawless rods and hold up under salt and a lot of use, which many others don't! ...

Rating: 5

V.I.P Conventional

Daiwa V.I.P Conventional rods

TrollKing: I Have 1 ,-6.6' 20-50 Class I Have Apenn 545 On It Its Very Nice Works Well For Fishing Iron, Jiggs,,,,and Eels.... ...

Rating: 5

Saltiga G Boat

Daiwa Saltiga G Boat rods

Rusty Watters: These rods are light and strong small blue marlin, sailfish and whitey. Live bait kite fishing and trolling can't go wrong and right price too. ...

Rating: 5

Beefstick BT Boat Trolling/Bottom

Daiwa Beefstick BT Boat Trolling/Bottom rods

Badtwin: I wanted an economical rod for my once a year trip saltwater fishing. I purchased the ML Beefstick . I party boat fish and this rod is perfect. It is short and rugged. I like it just as much as my Sea Lion rods. Reminds me of a Uglystick but I li ...

Rating: 5

V.I.P. Spinning

Daiwa V.I.P. Spinning rods

fisher: After reading the studies on this buy I made up our minds to give it a go. I have over a hundred rods to my name. I have, up to now, chose the “ugly stick” as my major go to rod. I claim this rod to be one of the best. I have, so far, no longer on ...

Rating: 5

Beefstick BT Boat Spinning

Daiwa Beefstick BT Boat Spinning rods

theNoseKnows: Before reviewing this product, i'd like to mention that my friends call me the budget fisherman. A friend of mine purchased a trevela matched with a big penn reel for freestyle jigging bluefin tuna, i bought this rod and matched it with the ...

Rating: 4.67

Beefstick BT Boat Conventional

Daiwa Beefstick BT Boat Conventional rods

cigarron: use product and my son want this fishing pole and i will buy another rod. ...

Rating: 4.57

Saltist Jigging

Daiwa Saltist Jigging rods

Sea Draggin: They are the best budget rod out there, especially in the spinner versions. They are a little fast, but I have some and still use them for loaners. The butt is too long is my only complaint, but I cut all mine down and add a $2 rubber gimbal ...

Rating: 4.5

Coastal Specialty Gulfcoast

Daiwa Coastal Specialty Gulfcoast rods

michelle: i won one, used it once and hated it. got 80 bucks on ebay for it. it may have had something to do w/ it being strung w/ new power pro, but i didn't think it would handle a big fish. it felt 'sticky'. ...

Rating: 4

Eliminator Boat

Daiwa Eliminator Boat rods

scoobe: I started the season with one Eliminator and I liked it so much I bought a second one mid way through the summer. I haven't had any major issues with them. The only problem is the thread near the reel seat is starting to come undone a lil bit. I c ...

Rating: 4

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