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G. Loomis Pelagic rods

Shaun: I use a PSR 84-30c su with a Diawa Sealine x40SHA (80lb power pro) for snagging Paddlefish. A single 3-4 oz weight with 3 8/0 treble hooks. I can heave that rig a mile. At first I was afraid of breaking the rod because it is rated to 40lb and I was ...

Rating: 5


G. Loomis Pro-Blue rods

TROUTMASTERPA: This is the perfect rod for getting those big stripers ...

Rating: 5

Classic Live Bait

G. Loomis Classic Live Bait rods

Ditch Jigger: I always liked the shorter Loomis rods. I have their 7' LR 842. It's an older model, but it's a great light rod for the bays/flats, as long as you don't have to throw more than 1-1/2 oz. They used to make a heavier model, the LR 844. Not sur ...

Rating: 5


G. Loomis Halibut rods

Donofish: Rod is Blue with Black wraps, deep coated surface, and does the job. Worked great with my AVET HX real ...

Rating: 5


G. Loomis Greenwater rods

Scott: Three Greenwaters. 6'6" ... 8'2" .... And just I just up a 7'6"" GLX. Awesome rods all paired with Stradics. Wouldn't fish with anything else. ...

Rating: 4.67


G. Loomis Pro-Green rods

seahunt: got the PGR 882S spinning rod, for Christmas that morning went trout fishing for speckled trout here in north carolina, very sensitive rod if you looking for a good hook set after a nibble this is it shop for the rod for your type of fishing or ...

Rating: 4.67

Classic Popping

G. Loomis Classic Popping rods

gasdad: This rod has a great feel. My most expensive rod I ever purchased. Received it Father's day. Fished Mon. after Father's day and really got in to the speckled trout. Caught 25 fish that were 3-5 lbs. Rod felt great the whole time. Fished the next d ...

Rating: 4


G. Loomis Surf rods

Mr Nasty: I've owned 2 of These rods and can't complain. My buddies have use mine and Loved them as well. The bottom butt cap does get cracks Over time but who gives a S#?! ...

Rating: 3.5

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