Shimano Crucial CRC-70MH Review


Shimano Crucial is one of the most admired fishing rod amongst many jig anglers. The rod core or the fishing blank has high durability and sensitivity, also is technique specific. It is priced at a reachable level by many anglersí budget. I will say you the real facts about Shimano Crucial CRC-70MH.

This seven foot long fishing rod is built with IM-9 graphite giving it to fall under medium-heavy class rods which can be used for various fishing techniques such as spinner baits, crank baits, worms and jigs, just to name a few. Shimano Crucial had been an essential fishing rod I must bring with me in each and every fishing trip I made. It reminds me of all the experiences I get, from vicious smallmouth to tank sized largemouth.

As an angler, you can save a lot of dollars from buying other Shimano closeout models since the model had been replaced with new 2012 IM-10 graphite Crucial rods. For a price under $100, no other can beat this model with the quality it gives. A lifetime warranty is a great advantage this model gives which is hardly to get from other closeout. This can save you a lot of money again by using Shimano Crucial fishing rods.

Shimano Crucial CRC-70MHShimano Crucial CRC-70MH is a nice model and can be matched up nicely with the Shimano Curado. The pair looks great in hand and the true excellence of this fishing rod can be seen when setting the hook. The medium heavy powered blank transfers your energy almost promptly with a fast action tip and an extra fast actions taper. This means you can catch more fishes to the boat and no need to think much about your fishing rods purchase.

You can reduce the amount of stress to the fishing rods by using the Fuji Alconite guides (9+1 tip) which minimizes all the frictions. The tip guide had been used during many rough fishing trips but it still function well and at its maximum. Through the use of various fluorocarbon and braided lines, each guide is still in impeccable condition. Way to go, Shimano!

Many anglers donít pay very much attention to the elegant details such as the Fuji reel seats and wrapped guides. They both are working excellently without needing any maintenance. This specific fishing rod is the one that I choose to be my companion during my fishing trips because of the features I mentioned above.

Hurry up and visit your local tackles store to take a look at the novel fantastic Shimano Crucial fishing rods. You wonít be disappointed.

Author: Daniel


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