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Offshore Stick AMJ

 Offshore Stick AMJ rods

elpescador: For the money the AMJ52ex is a very good rod and would cope with the largest of yellowtail kingfish no problems. Its also a very easy tool to jig with,IMHO alot of bang for the bucks! ...

Rating: 5

Offshore Stick WRC-55 Nirai

 Offshore Stick WRC-55 Nirai rods


Ripplefisher: I have the Nirai 55 WRC, and very happy with it - it wil match up no problem with a Saltiga Expo 6500 and 80-100 lb braid. I have taken 40-50 kilo GT's with this outfit in Mada -no problems at all ...

Rating: 5

Dancing Bream

 Dancing Bream rods

Teppas: Buff said ...

Rating: 5

Offshore Stick WRC-Komodo Dragon

 Offshore Stick WRC-Komodo Dragon rods


Anuvat: Absolutely ridiculously great rod. ...

Rating: 5

Offshore Stick GTK

 Offshore Stick GTK rods

accurate: i have had my GTK-74PG for a couple of years now and next to my jigging outfits its my go to rod every time. i have mine fitted with a saltiga 4000h which im very pleased with and spooled up with 30lb bionic braid, i regularly fish longtail tu ...

Rating: 5

Troutin Spin Magical Trout

 Troutin Spin Magical Trout rods

vlada: MT-56HUL is fantastic trout rod for small mountain streams ...

Rating: 5

Bay Liner CF

 Bay Liner CF rods

Alex K: Love this rod, so light and crisp, simply a pleasure to fish with. Would love to try the BL-68SL/CF also. ...

Rating: 5

Bay Liner Metal

 Bay Liner Metal rods

Bennywise: have the same rod BLM-73UML/RF. AWESOME ...

Rating: 5

Bayliner SB

 Bayliner SB rods

breamnut: the smith range along with a few other Japanese companies is some of the best in the world,i have fished with a smith bayliner on bream to and its simply awesome. ...

Rating: 5

Magnum Husky STD

 Magnum Husky STD rods


Rating: 0

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12/1/2012 10:10:00 PM

I have a couple of their rods and have fished with a few more and i just love them, by far one of the lightest yet powerful rods i have ever fished, even tho i am a diehard loomis fan these rods are really something.
Reviewed by: rhyce