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Many anglers prefer to use spinning reels whenever they go fishing. There are many advantages, for instance, itís easy to cast, there are no backlashes and spools are easy to replace. If you use spinning reels you can get the desired results. However, it is important that you choose right kind of rod and reel to get the good results.

If you are interesting in catching small fish, spinning rigs are ideal for that. They can open the snap and you can catch many other fish, which are bit choosy. This is the most widely used method for fishing, which is used not only by the walleye anglers but also common fishermen. Spinning is particularly famous for catching smaller fish.

The choice of reel and rod depends on the species of fish, you want to catch. If you are fishing in the area† where large predators are also found, you have to keep that fact in mind as well. Usually, anglers are attacked by the large predators when they try to catch small fish.

Spinning rods have specific designs; usually reel is placed under the rod. The shaft, which supports the reel, is usually placed between middle and index finger for the better grip. Instead of index finger, ring finger can also be used. However, if you are catching the larger fish, you can use the additional finger for better grip as larger pray is difficult to catch.

There are different materials used for the handles of spinning rods, but cork and EVA are most common ones. Conventional anglers love to use cork handles, while you can get good quality rods made up of both materials. If you prefer cork handles, Portuguese handles are considered as the best. If you donít go fishing quite often, you should go for the EVA. EVA material is resistant to stains and that is the reason it can work for a long time.

Now a day, we have spinning rods which have short foregrips. This helps the angler to place one finger on the blank part of rod. This is important, as you can catch very small fish this way. These types of handles are called ergonomic handles and they cause very little to no stress during fishing.

Reel Seat
Seat is really important and you realize it fully when a bad quality seat leaves working right in the middle of fishing. Seat is the actual point, where reel and rod are attached with each other. If you use it quite frequently, there are chances that it will get loose quickly. If you want to buy a good quality reel seat, you should get one which can fit all types of reels. It should have cushioned hoods and the fir should be perfect after tightening.

Line guides
The size of line guides decreases as we go towards the bottom of the rod. In this type of rod, diameter of line guides is large near the reel but it gradually decreases as we move towards the tip. The flow of line is uneven when it passes through a spinning reel, if we compare it with the casting reel. However, as the first guide is larger in size so it facilitates the line management on casts. It is a common observation that length of the rod blank decides the number of guides. Moreover, if the rod is flexible, one can usea larger number of guides.

Usually, metal, plastic and ceramics are used in making the insert of line guides. The cost and harness of the insert varies according to the material. Plastic insert are considered as the cheap ones, while ceramic inserts have a good reputation. However, many anglers are agreed that RECOILģ are the most valuable guides. It is really important to have good quality guides, as they are the guide which determines the casting distance. So, itís really important for a rod that its guides should be of good quality. Ceramic guides are good choice as they can resist the wear and tear. The material of the guides, which comes in contact with the guide, should be good one and the metals, which support the eyelets should also be of good quality.

The guides of RECOILģ are manufactured with alloy of nickel- titanium, which is of really special quality. It has ideal properties as there is no need of plating and it can survive in every environment without corroding.† Moreover, it can get back to its original shapes, no matter how many times itís deformed. You will be surprised to know that not only the frame but the entire guide is made up of the same alloy, which makes it as durable as a ceramic guide. This alloy has many other advantages over the ceramic guides; for instance, itís more sensitive than ceramic guides as there is no barrier between the lines and guide. A slight movement in the hook will be conveyed to the hands of the angler, who is anxiously waiting for this vibration.

Concept guide of Fuji'sģ is another ideal choice. It is made up of Alconite ring material, which generates a thin and light guide. It works really smoothly not only during casting but in retrieving as well.

Action of rod is expressed when we do casting and reeling in a fish. The action is generally categorized as fast, medium and slow. Top third of the rod length usually bends, when we talk about fast rods. Medium rods bend in the middle and slow action rods bend entire length of the rod. It means slow rod usually bend right from top till the handle of the rod. The action of the rod is also related to the size and weight of the fish, which it can catch. In case of small fish, a slight effort will be enough to get the required results.
Rods with fast action have a faster hookset for the skills like jigging. A medium action rod is good for catching moderate weight fish, while slow action rods are suitable for long casts, which are gentle too. There are many more skills and practical applications of these rod with different actions. But in the end personal choice also matters.

Power is associated with fight. In this respects rods are classified as Ultra light, light, medium-heavy and heavy. Small fish demands less power while the requirement of power increases with the size of fish.

Blank materials
Commonly, graphite and fiber glass are the material with which these rods are manufactured. Sometimes a combination of these materials is also used. Conventionally, Graphite is known for getting stains easily. However, in the last decade the material has passed through a complete process of refinement. Now we call graphite a perfect material, which is not only flexible but it has the power to fight as well. Moreover, it is also considered as the most sensitive material as well.

In reality, the graphite used for manufacturing these rods is nothing but a carbon fiber that is crafted for the good properties in terms of structure. Itís suitable for flexing and it can bear the pressure when flexed. The quality of the finished product depends on the amount of graphite and the bounding agent. The strength of graphite is testing by applying the pressure of few million pounds† per square, and it is observed how much it elongates. High modulus rating shows that graphite will not stretch and the elasticity is required for bending the rod.

Commonly, the modulus of graphite is expressed in terms like 24 million modulus or 30 million modulus and so forth. Higher number of modulus is the indication that rod is stronger as compared to its weight. However, this greater strength is useful for the manufacturers as they can make rods which have smaller diameter and their weight is also less. A 40 million modulus rod has IM6. The range for graphite rods is nearly 33 million to 64 million modulus. High modulus means the rod can brittle soon.†

If we talk about the fiber glass rods, their sensitivity is less but they can work for a long time. Moreover, they are heavier in weight if we compare them with the graphite rod of same size, length and action. Fiber glass rods have their own advantages. Boat rods, where high sensitivity is not required and the rods are used for larger fish, the fiber glass rods are suitable.

We have discussed different aspects of rods, but the price range is so wide that we can get a rod for $30, while others are available for $ 300. The material is the basic factor, which decides the price of the rod. Itís not just the graphite, but the quality of resin, reel seat and the cork also matters a lot when it comes to the total cost. So, there are other things which need your attention besides modulus.

You have to get the rod according to your need. Get the right kind of rod and have good time near water. With a good rod you can not only enjoy fishing but can catch some fish also.

Author: Frank Ross


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