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Legend Elite

St. Croix Legend Elite rods

Steve D: Read This Story...... I'm 54 and fished all types of waters my whole life from salt to fresh and in between. Mostly east coast from Maine to Florida and inland ice fishing since i was a kid with my father. I'm not a pro but enjoyed a variety of ...

Rating: 5


St. Croix Eyecon rods

Walleye Hunter: have this rod coupled with a pflueger Patriarch, usually run 6lb mono bouncing 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 ounce jigs it has amazing feel it was my first single piece rod, which may have something to do with it. 6,3 medium fast, awesome grip, and i ...

Rating: 5


St. Croix Panfish rods

Dr. Chuck Hardee: I know these rods weren't designed to catch bass, but I love throwing small worms on small hooks for little bass. I caught one almost 5 pounds the other day, what a blast! ...

Rating: 5

Legend Tournament Walleye & Musky

St. Croix Legend Tournament Walleye & Musky rods

Dean Shaw: I have the Legend Tournament 7'2" medium moderate action casting rod for fishing small shad raps and 6'6" MLF spinning walleye spinning rod. I also own a 6'6" MLF Legend Elite spinning rod. All of them are incredible rods. I use the MLF rods ...

Rating: 5

Mojo Musky

St. Croix Mojo Musky rods

wv musky man: I have an 8ft med heavy and a 7ft 6in heavy,both I use to troll and cast. The 7/6 heavy handles anything from pounders to 14in twisted tubes. The 8ft mh handles all but the biggest tandem spinners and is a great rod for top raiders and walk ...

Rating: 5

Avid Pearl

St. Croix Avid Pearl rods

Mike Andrews: It's an Avid blank with different graphics, gotta' be good since it's a ''Croix! ...

Rating: 5

Avid Casting

St. Croix Avid Casting rods

novabasskid: I'd be shocked to ever meet someone who has fished with or owned a st. croix rod and been anything but extremely pleased. Not only are they some of the best built most sensitive rod's around but there customer service trumps that of any other ...

Rating: 4.92

Legend Xtreme

St. Croix Legend Xtreme rods

allaboutfishing: if u don't mind spending the money buy one, its cheaper then gloomis nrx and its just as good. promise. ...

Rating: 4.83

Wild River

St. Croix Wild River rods

BelAngler: I bought this rod 1 year ago and had so much of good fishing experience during last summer. The way St. Croix® Wild River® Salmon/Steelhead Trigger Rod casts is unbelievable and the feeling of the fish on your hook is just different. Strongly ...

Rating: 4.8

Mojo Bass

St. Croix Mojo Bass rods

Lake Francis: If your looking for a good rod you found one ...

Rating: 4.79

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St. Croix Freshwater Rods

old & experienced


9/25/2017 1:24:35 PM

fished the first 25 years of my life then came family & work - back to fishing at 60 (and hope to gain another 25 years of fishing) - Steelhead fished an older 11.5' St Croix last winter & fell in love again casting floats all day @ 25 degrees & effortlessly landing a feisty 11 lb x 31" Steelhead - all my old rods were high dollar back 35 years ago and are still better than many on the market today (especially my Lew's Japanese Speed Sticks & a G. Loomis & old Brownings & older Diawa) BUT in upgrading to a light panfish/trout/smallmouth rod I handled many & bought a St Croix Premier light/fast 5.5' and I am ruined. Have hooked (by feel) nearly every thing that chose to bite it and the play/landing has been perfect - makes it seem too easy - just ordered a 9.5' Legend Elite Steelhead & Salmon & can hardly wait to rig it with a 30 year old classic ABU round reel I have and get to the steelhead rivers to "feel-the-bite" - plan to do a little trolling with than rig too - should help get the bait out away from the boat
Reviewed by: Mike Dailey (Central Ohio)

St. Croix Freshwater Rods

56 year bass fisherman !


11/17/2016 2:36:42 PM

I bought one of your mojo bass rods 1 yr ago! Today the end eyelet fell out of the guide ! Now I know just how bad these poles have gotten ! They claim American made but this pole was made in MEXICO: JUNK ! Their warranty is just as bad ! I would not recommend buying another St Croix pole !
Reviewed by: randy singleton (pekin, illinois 61554)