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Lamiglas Surf Rods - The models of surf rods include signature series of surf rods from Alberto Knie and Ron Arra, jetty rods, big bang surf rods, surf king rods, super surf rods and the tri-flex series rods. Lamiglas surf rods are designed for all levels of surf fishermen with the ability to handle any type of surf fishing an angler may wish to do.

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Ron Arra Pro Surf

Lamiglas Ron Arra Pro Surf rods

Eugene: I use this for surf-casting for Striped Bass and will take it with me to New Zealand to fish for Kingfish (Yellow-Tail) and Trevalli ...

Rating: 5

Alberto Knie Extreme Series

Lamiglas Alberto Knie Extreme Series rods

Crazy Alberto: "Fish 'til you drop." Most would consider it a fun display of enthusiasm for sport. For "Crazy" Alberto Knie, however, it's a factual description for a way of life. The Northeast's premier angler, instructor and seminar speaker on the subje ...

Rating: 5

Surf King Series

Lamiglas Surf King Series rods

Dara and Adam: It's exceptionally great, no negative comment about this product at all. I recommend other fisherman's to purchase this product. ...

Rating: 4.5

Tri-Flex Graphite Surf

Lamiglas Tri-Flex Graphite Surf rods

Every fisherman should be able to fish with confidence. This can only happen when you have the best equipment available in the market today. Lamiglas Surf Rods: Tri-Flex Graphite Surf is one rod a fisherman should not be without. It is a surf rod that is on every fisherman’s wish list. A beautifully designed, strong and stable all around surf rod is a must have for fishing hobbyists.

Steve K: I have the 8'6" and I like it for both braid and mono but it is a little tip heavy. I recommended them to a friend of mine and he bought the 9'6" and on his first cast the ring in the tip top popped out. I am assuming that it was damaged during s ...

Rating: 4.33

Graphite Surf & Jetty

Lamiglas Graphite Surf & Jetty rods

BradleyBeachMan: this rod has been in service for the last 3 years doing various baitfishing tasks. Ive used this rod for livelining snappers on the rocks, early spring clam FISHING in the bay, chunking for stripers, and even chunking for sharks and rays. ...

Rating: 4

Big Bang Heaver

Lamiglas Big Bang Heaver rods


Rating: 0

Super Surf Series

Lamiglas Super Surf Series rods

Surflion: I bought one of the new Super Surf Series 10' er at fishermans supply on Saturday. I haven't had a chance to take her out yet but she seems a bit lighter than the XS 101ms. I like the Fuji concept guides but the reel seat seems a bit small and i ...

Rating: 0

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Lamiglas Surf Rods


7/11/2012 2:36:51 PM

I've been using my new setup for the last week. It starts to load with a 1/2 oz bucktail throws bombers a looong way but for a 1-4 rod it won't got all the way to 4 at least for me at 3 it feels like it's starting to strain. I haven''t really fished with a three oz lure just cast it a few times. I have caught about 10 fish on the new combo from jetty rocks and you can lean into a fish fairly hard. The biggest one I have got is 32-33 in but guide it around the rocks nicely. I then proceed to swing the fish up onto the jetty and it handles it well. This is by no means a jetty setup I just wanted to try it from there.
Reviewed by: Surflion (Wall NJ USA)