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Team Daiwa -S Surf Classic

Daiwa Team Daiwa -S Surf Classic rods

speedracer: I've got 3 team Daiwa rods and they are very underated. I love them as much as my Lamis ...

Rating: 5

Emblem-SF Surf

Daiwa Emblem-SF Surf rods

fishnimpossible: bought two of these 12' rods and mated them to a pair of daiwa sealinex 30 reels...this is a nice combo, and casts beautiful...just waiting to hook a nice fish now! ...

Rating: 5

Emcast Surf

Daiwa Emcast Surf rods

madskeeter: I got the 8 foot I have Okuma 50 on it. I bought it mostly for flathead's and blues up at the hydro damn. So far not a bad rig. ...

Rating: 4.5

Saltiga Ballistic Surf

Daiwa Saltiga Ballistic Surf rods

fishboi: HI This item is good, but if this pole upgrade with the bigger rings size for it, i think that would be better. This pole is very good handling with big fish like for example, sturgeon, stripe BASS . SEE YOU NEXT TIME IF YOU HAVE NEW ITEM COME ...

Rating: 4.5

Sealine Surf

Daiwa Sealine Surf rods

Jettycaster: I purchased the 14' because of the ability to cast 10 lb. test and the capability to cast Little Cleo 2/5 oz. spoons in the fall for Chinook Salmon. Great rod FOR A FAIR PRICE with plenty of backbone for fighting the 20-35 lb. Kings that run ...

Rating: 4.39

Beefstick-SF Surf

Daiwa Beefstick-SF Surf rods

Campos: Recently purchased the 10' rod at Bass Pro in Katy, TX and went fishing in Corpus Christi, TX this past week. I fished at the Bob Hall pier and was casting against heavy wind (30mph) with a 50 lb mono line and 6 oz lure all day. The rod proved to ...

Rating: 4.26

Saltiga Surf

Daiwa Saltiga Surf rods


Rating: 0

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