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 VI PLUS rods

VI PLUS - Our VI PLUS blanks are available in spinning, casting and fly and come with a deep burgundy finish. The material used is lighter and more responsive than standard graphite.

John Martines: Talon B132 in a VI plus and not the ITM would be another i would suggest. It has a med /fast action that works well with fishing eels or snag and drop for Bunker. if it's got to be glass then i would suggest the Seeker SU line. ...

Rating: 5


 ITM rods

ITM - All blanks offered in our VI PLUS series are also available in our ITM series. This series is offered with a stealth black finish and uses a higher modulus graphite than that used in our VI PLUS. The material used in this series allows us to manufacture lighter and more sensitive blanks than our comparable VI PLUS and Explorer models. Fly and conventional blanks are available.

John: Its relaxed, easy casting taper has made this a popular rod. ...

Rating: 5


 Explorer rods

Explorer - Standard graphite is used in the design and construction of our Explorer series of blanks. These blanks are manufactured with a natural finish and available in our spinning, casting and fly blanks.

Make: Long casting, sensitive ...

Rating: 5

TX-light & TX

 TX-light & TX rods


Rating: 0

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Fishermen's opinions about Talon



9/27/2012 3:31:29 PM

i own and have used some of their fly rods. they are very nice and you wont go wrong using them. if you will be in high point i will bring one for you to cast if you want. just let me know
Reviewed by: john timberlake



9/27/2012 3:31:02 PM

I think Talon rods and blanks are now the most known in Russia, no tricks. We have a very active Talon dealer here and much larger choice of rods and blanks (but blanks are mostly available on a special order basis) than I ever saw somewhere on American or Canadian sites, even on Talon's webpage itself :-)
Reviewed by: Pavel Novolokin (Moscow, RU)



9/27/2012 3:30:23 PM

Talon is latest incarnation of Loomis Composites, Inc., which formed back in the late 1970's. Shortly thereafter they reorganized as LCI, then Osprey and then in the 1990's as Talon. They have an extensive product line and do a good deal of work for OEM companies. Although they're not very active in the custom rod building market, they do sell blanks through a variety of rod building component supply dealers. They have many satisfied customers.
Reviewed by: Fish net



9/27/2012 3:29:40 PM

I have a float rod built on a 13' ITM blank. It's the lightest 13' blank I''ve ever felt. I''m going to look in to some of their other blanks.
Reviewed by: Scott Hovanec



9/27/2012 3:27:23 PM

I use a lot of talon blanks, they are an excellent choice.
Reviewed by: Rodwrapper (Chehalis)



9/27/2012 3:26:41 PM

Talon makes a nice product, much more popular in Canada and Europe/USSR than here in the US for some reason. Their salmon/stelhead blanks are very popular in Canada.
Back in the early 90's they tried breaking out into the US market, but I think they got a bit carried away and tried growing to fast. Excelon and a few other series names were used on their products and I see them selling for near nothing a garage sales, etc. because people don't know how good a rod they have.
Angler's Workshop rootbeer colored IM6 and some of their other shop blanks are their designs on a Talon built blank and a good value/quality product. You can get Talon from them also.
Reviewed by: CRD4Liberty (Milwaukie, OR)



9/27/2012 3:26:01 PM

I have a Talon rod that is used for Sturgeon. I have owned it for 20 years without any issues whatsoever! Sensitive tip with enough backbone for larger fish.
Reviewed by: King Kong (OR)



9/27/2012 3:25:17 PM

We had some warranty work done by Talon and they were excellent.
Minor prob with a reel seat.
Reviewed by: Fisherman (Vancouver, WA)