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Tenryu kaiko iwana(321cm) VS St croix avid 9''''(270cm)


6/16/2013 5:36:26 AM

a comparisation between Tenryu kaiko iwana and st croix avid on zander fishing

Tenryu kaiko iwana:
Length: 320cm (2 sections, longest section 2,12cm)
Casting weight: 10-50gr
Rod weight: 140gr

St croix avid:
Length: 9"(270cm)(2 sections)
Casting weight: 10,5-28gr
rod weight: 162gr

Not much to say they cast perfectly, tip action is great, drill is great.

Think the avid(with even to better rods LT, LX and LE)will not do under for the iwana. not on zander fishing that is.... for pike and seabass the iwana is way better.

with tenryu everything is good, what tneryu everything is perfect.

and for the price i will perhaps buy st croix quicker then tenryu.
I fish for zander and pike with both of them. mostly shads sometimes lures....

What they have in common is the great top action.

The avid doesn't do so well on casting 30-40gr lures
Both of them rods are very light.
Reviewed by: Boaz van Ooijen (The Netherlands)



9/25/2012 8:00:10 AM

The good stuff is made in Japan.
I have bought a Tenryu and a Graphiteleader and they are very well constructed rods (much better than GLoomis)and dollar for dollar much cheaper than the made in China stuff we get here.
Reviewed by: ArWeTherYet



9/25/2012 6:24:43 AM

I have had several of them and I think they are brilliant "at what they do",,,,,I would say that they are not for the 'fainthearted' and are brilliant at working hard baits especially 'top water''.
Are they over priced ? Probably yes but if you love your lure fishing then........................
The models that I highly rate are RLSD and RB270,,,,,both are great tools for the job but ''for me'' the RLSD has the edge for our UK fishing as its less brutal than the RodBar,also the RB270 (again for me)is slightly to long.
As far as using them for ''soft plastic fishing'',,,,,I dont rate them at all as they are too unforgiving.....
Reviewed by: Nick Phillips (Leicestershire)



9/25/2012 6:22:01 AM

I have a Tenryu and I wont be buying another one, they are good rods but you can get equal or better quality for far less from other manufacturers.
Have a look at the Lucky Craft and Major Craft rods.
Reviewed by: tern (US)



9/25/2012 6:19:47 AM

For me, the Tenryu's were (were past tense) great rods for the money. Now, overpriced.
Most are too stiff for UK style bass fishing but some, are excellent.
My personal favourite is the Injection which has been a brilliant skish and heavy duty HRF rod. They were asked the question and answered positively.
Recently, I got to see the LRF Tenyru in action too. again, very high quality rod, beautiful action and much more in tune with British needs than many other from the range. Just a shame the eyes do crack (around the feet) although this isn't restricted to Tenyru (so be fair).
Also a shame the / Euro, wholesaling and greed got in the way of what is a good set of rods.
Reviewed by: myfish (Channel Islands)



9/25/2012 6:15:18 AM

The Tenryu rods cost a lot and you need to be sure they are as good as you hope - and of course if you have one, you would say it was good.
Reviewed by: PGrant (London)