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Talora Wireline & Leadcore

Shimano Talora Wireline & Leadcore rods

Enterprise: These are great rods. I use them for wire/dipsy trolling in Lake MI. Keeps the line straight and are one of my top producers for kings, coho and lakers. ...

Rating: 5

Talora Kokanee

Shimano Talora Kokanee rods

yakhopper: This rod is my personal favorite for use on a downrigger (very durable and soft action) However it has proved to be a little soft for top-linning (not enough backbone to set the hook when they strike the lure). As for the Agility rod this is ...

Rating: 5

Talora Dipsy Diver

Shimano Talora Dipsy Diver rods

talorarick: The nicest rod for salmon trolling. I have tried a number of others and none compare. A must is using them for your dipsey rods. If you want to spend the money I haven't found a better downrigger rod. You can certainly get away with less expen ...

Rating: 4.9


Shimano TDR rods

Galloping goat : I inherited this rod from my father who has had it for several years, and liked it alot. I have used it only sparingly, but it is the rod i lend to friends and family when they want to learn to fish. It has held up for 4 years for me alr ...

Rating: 4.67

Compre Trolling

Shimano Compre Trolling rods

broncer: excellent rod, has great action,you can really see the bite,when the fish take's the bait ...

Rating: 4.3

Talora Downrigger Planer Board

Shimano Talora Downrigger Planer Board rods


Rating: 0

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